Denergy Aluminum Tattoo Hand Poking Tool Stick Poke Needle Holder Professional Kit

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Denergy Hand Poke Tool is safe, strong and sturdy, just like painting use a pen.

Unibody of aluminum poke tool is autoclavable.

Advance your hand poking style of tattooing by stabilizing your hand and needle with our holding grip stabilizing hand tool.

Allowing hand support as well as holding your tattoo needle in place during the stick and poke tattooing process.

Allows a better grip during a hand poking tattoo ensuring that you are able to poke consistently and creating a dot style tattoo with precision.


SKU: 3000-1.

Product Description

1XBlack metal CNC tattoo needle grip holder
Traditional Tattoo Needles 5 X (1RL,3RL,7RS,9RS)20pcs.
1 pair of large gloves
20pcs rubber bands(color by random)
25pcs half grommets to stabilize the needle eye loupe(red)
10pcs 10*11 tattoo ink cups
2pcs 2.5CM black adhesive bandages
2pcs black bibs
1pcs spray bottle (color of cap by random)
Net weight of poke tool:31grams
Gross Weight of Kit:215grams

Additional Information

Weight 0.35 kg