Original Premium Turbo Tattoo Needle Cartridge 0.25mm 0801RL Round Liner for Thin Lining Tattoo and Makeup Works


Premium turbo tattoo needle cartridge V1 is made from highest quality medical grade of stainless steel,matched with cheyenne and almost all tattoo pen machines.It has right give to pick up ink flow.
Artists approved for super thin tattooing and makeup eyebrow.

SKU: T1C0801RL.

Product Description

Product Details

  • Material:medical stainless steel and plastic,stainless steel spring
  • Source of give: stainless steel
  • Diameter of Needle:0.25mm
  • Packing:12pcs per box. Independent blister packing.
  • Sterilization: EO gas sterilized
  • Gross weight: 73grams 2.55Oz

Product Features
1.premium quality material,manufactured and ready for professional tattooing.
2.all needles were examined before packing and guaranteed for highest rates of use.
3.compatible with cheyenne and all brands of tattoo pen machines.

For professionals only!

Additional Information


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