Premium Cushion Cartridge Tattoo Needle 0.30mm Round Liner 10pcs/Box

$9.90 $6.90

Discover Cushion Cartridge System featured with a soft rubber cushion that fits cheyenne cartridge needles.
10pcs per pack and pre-sterilized by E.O.gas.

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1.made of medical grade of plastic and stainless steel.
2.0.35mm needles with medium taper.Used for regular coloring,blending works.
3.sizes available by 1205RM,1207RM,1209RM,1211RM,1213RM,1215RM (0.35mm).
4.sterilized by E.O. gas. of 10pcs.
6.the cushion enlarges the outer diameter of needle cartridge and make it more fit with the pen.
7.cushion come with anti-skid groove desing,that features with shock absorption and reduce fatigue.

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1003RL, 1005RL, 1007RL, 1009RL, 1011RL